PERMAFROST AC “Allt som inte händer” C27 (Do You Dream of Noise?)

First one off the top of the new Do You Dream of Noise? pile is Permafrost AC’s Allt som inte händer, which Google handily translates as “Everything that does not happen.” This is fitting. Permafrost AC is the ambient folk project of Krister Mörtsell, who has his hand in everything DYDON does – he runs the place after all. The Swedish artist guides the direction of the label, and he is also at its vanguard. His flag flies proudly.

As Permafrost AC, Mörtsell drapes his guitar in mood, surrounding it with field recordings, synthesizer, mandolin, melodica – sometimes he just plays piano too. Sometimes, you know, you just have to play piano to get out the truth of whatever you’ve got going on inside you. And so he sits and plays, and we hear his playing, and we are gradually overcome by the way his playing interacts with the other elements, the space around him. We can hear it quietly and blissfully merge, and we are haunted by it, reminded of the actions we did not take or the opposite choices that we made. Mörtsell’s ghostly tracks pipe in from a multiverse location that isn’t our own. They make us long for how we could have done it better.

I want to listen to Allt som inte händer 100 times in a row, to let it seep into my bones and affect me constantly. I want it to offer bittersweet reflection as I sit bundled in front of a fire. I want to sleep, I want to cry, I want to drive, I want to hug. I hear these songs that remind me of good and better times, and I hear their gentle admonition in the disappointment they convey of the present. I can only promise these songs that I’ll try my best, my own best, and that I’ll strive to make the better choices. Gotta start somewhere, right? Hey, now I hear hope and encouragement in them too!