I wonder how much use there is for back-porch psychedelia these days, the Appalachian improvisational style that stares up into the crisp and clear night sky way out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not wondering that because I don’t think it’s viable style or a valid way to express oneself artistically, I just wonder, as a collection of entities tied together because we all belong to the human race, have we positioned ourselves to ignore the devotional in favor of the quick and convenient? I sure hope not. We’d miss out on stuff like Trance Music.


Michael Potter, Garden Portal curator and Almanac-er, gets his Electric Nature buddies Michael Pierce and Thom Strickland together every once and a while to perform live in front of Athens, Georgia, audiences, amplified and strangled acoustic guitars clutched tightly in their mitts. The three of them run melodies and tones and arpeggios off each other, the notes combining in heavenly clouds, until an actual, honest-to-god “trance” comes over the players and audience (and listeners at home with cassette tape in hand). They get in the zone, and we get in it with them.


It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to be in the center of that trance, but you have 75 minutes to get yourself acclimated and hopefully on the same vibe. But know this – once the embers of your campfire drift into and overlap your view of the stars, it’s all over. You can keep your eyes open or closed, but the results will be the same: Trance Music will become part of your body and the infinite will open itself up to you. You’ll never encounter acoustic guitar music in the same way again, not after this shakes the foundations of everything you believe in.


Was that too much?

Remember to believe in something, don't just get stuck in whatever life normally chucks at you. There's a hugeness out there that's beyond even anything you can imagine. Embrace it. Take experiences like Trance Music and use them to make yourself amazing.