FLEA APPARITIONS / DOLDIS split (Heavy Nature Tapes)

Another one from Ryan LaLiberty's (Colossus) newly minted tape label, with two apparently new projects. Flea Apparitions plays up a collage style with hit or miss moments but becomes grating in its incessant drum machine tapping and sample triggering. This is thankfully left aside a few minutes before the conclusion for a considerably mellower carpet of melodic (but still distorted) tones. Although at that point it could be an entirely different band.
Doldis' offering is cut from the tried and mostly true harsh noise cloth. It's definitely not too shabby, although occassionally lacking the timing and compositional flow of a more accomplished work. Still, nice use of varying textures and moving elements within the larger frame of all-encompassing KGKGGHHHGH! (sound of harsh static).