GRYN BRVS "Grail Fruit of Les Prix Chauns" (Pendu Sound Recordings)

"Grail Fruit of Les Prix Chauns" is a live recording from the UK duo of Stuart Fernie and Ian Murphy (I've heard the band's name pronounced "Groin Bros.") rummaging in the free improv bin of assorted oddities and obscure sound sources. On side one, a zither strumming harplike arpeggios emerges from vibrating background static. Also on hand is a droning acoustic instrument called a "wyrn," a construction of Fernie's which according to the label description is like an Irish digeridoo. Add to this a violin, thumb piano and other assorted small instruments and percussion as well as humming electronic tones and you've got a very textually diverse arrangement. Considering this, the sound is quite sparse with quieter acoustic sounds in the foreground shadowed by feedback-heavy bass oscillators for most of the duration. Comparisons to modern European clatter units like My Cat is an Alien wouldn't be out of reach. Pendu Sound's packaging is saturated in hand assembled colors and stencils with a full-color collage insert. According to the label's web site this one is still available, so grip onwards.