GOLDEN CUP "Eye Mith" (8MM)

Rarely does drone evoke feelings of celebration and splendor. Rarely is drone done by experts. Here is a tape that beats the odds in both categories. "Eye Mith" is a gorgeous release primarily built out of drones of joy. While not as pure as the Nu-Age revolution, currently going on in both noise and noise-rock alike (see Infinite Body, Abe Vigoda, HEALTH, etc), demands; there are also enough bells and synths worked in here to turn on anyone hip to the now. And not that I want to put down the Nu-Age movement (because things must always stay in motion), but these recordings will definitely still sound alive and amazing in 10 years while much of the genre-creating of Nu-Age probably will not. Much of this life/energy that Golden Cup creates comes from their delicate use of overblown channels while recording. Just enough to make things sizzle and vibrate, but not so much that anything becomes murky or aggressive. Put this on the next time you celebrate a victory!