HMDS / BOBAGEMMA split (no label) or HMDS “Bobagemma” (no label)

You kind of never realize how crucial context is to understanding something until suddenly you don’t have any. Like right now. I have no idea how this CS came to exist in my backpack, no internet-roving reveals anything on either band, and the only info on the hand-crayoned slip of an insert is “TEN SONGS recorded in 2005? or so.” So maybe the band name is HMDS, maybe that’s the tape’s name, maybe that’s the label? Let God sort it out I guess. Whatever, both sides are wandering instrumental basement alt-rock in the innocuous-but-likable style that filled countless forgotten mid-90s 7 inches currently collecting dust in countless college radio closets. Quirky, noodly, peppy and sprinkled with keyboard hooks and little guitar parts that remind me of Thinking Fellers Union or Polvo or other bands I haven’t thought about in 10 years. If this is yr band please get in touch and explain yourself.