Casino Gardens "Fantasies in Cools Palace" (Lilerne)

Wow! What a rad tape. Very easy to listen to bedroom-style pop-rock shit (think Pink/Ferraro) on a chill vibe that is comfortably in-step with many of today's other home-recording boy wonders, but isn't boringly unfocused or nervously lazy. Had some friends who were really into his first tape on Beer On The Rug, which is unavailable now but I heard a second pressing is on the way. That one is pretty sick too (thanks bandcamp), but this new Fantasies in Cools Palace tape is really, really nice and pretty surprising in how effortless it sounds while still maintaining some originality, albeit in a pretty traditional context. Fuzzy guitars, snappy drums, etc. A lot of tropical imagery in the song titles and such. Some really pretty stuff on here too, especially the cool, weird, short interludes between songs. The final track is really pretty but I think my favorite track is "Malibu" for its boppy energy and cartoon rock feel. Cool tape, Casino Gardens. Get the tape and check some shit out at Lilerne Tapes.