DON CASH - "Epic" cs (Spring Break Tapes)

LA's Spring Break Tapes nails it once again with their second release, a collection of deep "hits" from Toronto MC/producer/chameleon, Don Cash.He's been praised by producers, club thugs and indie fans alike, and apparently The Fader called him a "21st century icon" after having just a few limited CD-R's under his belt.Fancy.Epic is the first of three full lengths he's planning to release in 2012, and aside from being an eclectic mix of total bangers, it's a pretty good place to start if you are unfamiliar with his work.

Side A kicks things off with "Rock and Roll", a tight and punchy street beat, with a solid, flowing vocal delivery that might pass for one of Madlib's alter-egos.He doesn't go overboard with giant hits or piles of whirring samples, leaving it up his voice to do most of the work.His MC style is pretty much of his own, keeping things mostly laid back, with his lyrics teetering a thin line between bizarre and clever.As things move forward, he graciously flip-flops between thick disco beats, soulful new wave, and steady r&b cuts, tackling just about any genre out there with the greatest of ease.
Side B definitely steals the show with "Disco Wreck," a glittery jaunt through 1970's dance floor workouts, thick and sleazy bass lines, and slightly whispered, sexually charged vocals that seem to be going on about some hot mess of a gal.The following track, "On The Strength" shows Cash doing his best (unintentional) Quasimoto impersonation, with a quick delivery and odd tone, only it's not at all comical or hacky.The choppy drag of the downbeat, along with the grainy vocal treatment make it sound a bit rough and confrontational, making his smooth and flawless lyrical flow come off as anything but subtle.From there he ebbs and flows through a handful of sub-genres, until it's about time to flip the tape over again.

All in all, Epic lives up to it's name, and this strange mix of gems is a fantastic place to start for unfamiliar ears, and a nice little collectible for mega fans and tape heads.Can't wait to hear his upcoming LP's.Get yourself one of these bright red cassettes from Spring Break Tapes.