DANIEL VINCENT and ATAY ILGUN "Fragments of Sound" c40 (Tape Your Mouth)

Fragments Of Sound
What a pleasant surprise. This is a very lovely mellow psychedelic tape; the first release from UK label Tape Your Mouth. Daniel Vincent and Atay Ilgun perform a very beautiful dance of intertwining electric and acoustic instrumentation. Cosmic sounds give way to intricate guitar patterns producing deep lysergic ripples. This is a collection of very mature and thoughtful pieces of instrumental music that were all recorded on one day this past November. Highly recommended for fans of the musical passages on Comus' "First Utterance" or of Time-Lag artists like Joshua Burkett or Visitations, but sure to appeal to the analog synthesizer set as well. It's relaxing and meditative, but with a slight edge of paranoia and/or darkness.

Tape Your Mouth web-action here. The version of the album that is streaming online extends the tracks track times considerably.

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