THE DICTAPHONE "Past.Future.Void" c32
MOLE PEOPLE "s/t" c19
RUBELLA "Dragger" c11
(Tolmie Terrapin Press)

past.future.void Cover Art
The Dictaphone is a one man punk band from France who does original songs with some goth, industrial and no wave elements. The singing is really snotty in the best sense, each song has a kind of different production sound and the whole album is really killer. There are a couple of covers on here and he even does a version of "Shark Fucks" by Tronics (original). Are you kidding me? "Shark Fucks?" This is dude is so cool! Highly recommended. Listened to the shit out of this. Thanks for waking me up from my synthesizer induced coma. There are actually some keyboards and electronic noises from time to time, but also lots of real guitars and drums. Guitars doing wacky things. Comes with an insert and a piece of film negative.

More rawk music from Cleveland's Mole People. Grungy, bass heavy a la the Melvins, but also chiming and psychedelic during the vocal passages. The music is very well recorded too. Mole People pack a punch. The songs usually go through a few sections and incorporate some more melodic and rhythmically complex segments that alternate with the heavy onslaught. The vocals, don't always match the toughness of the music, but that can actually work out in these guys favor most of the time. I bet Mole People completely destroys in a live setting. Comes with a lyrics booklet.

dragger Cover Art
Well we can't all be winners, now can we? Two out of three ain't bad, and this less said about the Rubella tape the better. This is like Sparks (who I adore) meeting some twisted form of electronic pop punk in hell. If that sounds cool to you, then I'm lacking the proper words to describe exactly how this made my skin crawl. Run me through with a spear. Please. Kill me now.

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