"The Raw and the Cooked" LP (Palilalia)

You almost definitely slept through the Corsano/Nace/Orcutt 7" on Open Mouth, so you've really got to act extremely quickly on this one, as the last available copies are drifting away right now as we speak. If you're a fan of the more intense realms of free improv, then this well assembled live album featuring ex-Harry Pussy guitarist Bill Orcutt (who is also behind Palilalia Records) and veteran jazz noise/drummer Chris Corsano (of the ever boyish physiognomy) will surely provide hours of ear drum bursting pleasure.  Forced ExposureMimaroglu or Fusetron are the best places to grip this bad boy in the USA.  If you're in Europe, try Volcanic Tongue.

There's a small sample up on Orcutt's soundcloud: