WRETCHED WORST - a good band

Having a shitty Monday?  How about you check out this dark and dangerous band from KY.  They remind me of long running Western Mass institution Grey Skull, but they manage to "hold it together" and "rock" longer.  Don't get me wrong, this is still some "I'm just starting up the metal song, can you tell if I'm tuning or playing yet?" shit.  What's really amazing about this kind of music is it puts you in a constant state of expecting a big explosion, that more often than not, never comes.  I'm listening to the Sisters Piss II cassette on FIH right now, but there's plenty to check out on their bandcamp page.  If you love detuned bass strings slapping against the fretboard, in-the-red vocals,  stop/start drumming and guitar feedback, then Wretched Worst is your jam.  They've got an LP out now on Prison Tatt Records, plus a sizable discography to acquire.  Absolutely killer live.