SON OF SALAMI "Sontava Nights" C22 (Goaty Tapes)

On Sontava Nights, the newest release by home-recording master Joe "The Pizza Slice" Agresta, we're served up a fresh pie with some fancy toppings thanks to trustworthy label Goaty Tapes.  Son of Salami releases are always a cause for celebration, but this one is extra mouth watering based on the strength of the songs and the ease with which the artist employs his un-conventional recording approach.  "Baby Mayo" (my favorite off the album) reveals deeper meanings with each listen, and "Teardrops From Me" is a bonafide one minute wonder.  Sontava Nights is also a showcase for some cuts that have a much darker sonic pallet than previous Son of Salami material (see video for "Kill Mother Nature" below).  Act fast because this will surely sell out quickly.