The Inverted Orange - "S/T" (Prison Art)

The Inverted Orange's self-titled new cassette is a swirling rhythmic ride of guitar lead textural compositions. I would say the guitar is the focal point and/or fulcrum around which all the pieces revolve. Though there are vocals on several tunes, they are added sound colors as opposed to more trad.-rock verse-chours style offerings. Looping lines and pocket-grooves create trances on this tape. At times I reminded of Discipline era King Crimson ("Resisting Animal Urges" for example). Overall the album conveys a sense of keeping the works tight as the guitars never fly off into wank territory (not that there's anything wrong with that). I feel like this tape could be a good addition to a late spring sunset. The first stars appear in the sky as the end of The Inverted Orange's final notes fade away.

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