3 X Headway Recordings

Hailing from Asheville, NC, Headway Recordings is an eclectic tape & vinyl label that seems to have something for everybody. Three titles found there way to me and they all work at achieving their goals. First up is Gnomeadze which is a collaboration between Will Isenogle (Merryl) and David Grubba (Enea). The drone/ambient soundscapes alternate between ethereal drift and pulsing motion. Good stuff for those of you so inclined. Opposite the amorphous ambience, is the concrete (vaguely 90s) guitar skraanngg of That's a Thing. The S/T debut is a solid affair of noise and structure. The playing and writing are surprisingly assured. Check out the 7+ minute jam "Siamese Twin" for proof..No wave is back y'all! Finally, I popped in Electrophonic Ghost's Exorcism to end my tape-a-thon listening session with a bit of the haunting. This album is a blend of the previous two tapes in a strange way. I say that because (even though there isn't any "rock") elements of noise/pop and drone/ambience are at work. EG's sound is enticing, difficult, and spooky. This is an exciting label and worth spending some time with.

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