Matthew Dotson - "Revolution/Cirumvention" (Already Dead Tapes)

LA's Matthew Dotson has a trance inducer on his hands. Released by Already Dead Tapes, Revolution/Circumvention is two nearly twenty-minute rolling/rollicking collages of sound. These two compositions are cleanly rendered and evocative. As a fan of John Lennon's piece "Revolution #9," I thought it was a smart sample and a good starting point for a piece that essentially starts where that track ends. Like a lot of music released on cassette Lennon's decidedly "experimental" late 60s records with Yoko Ono wouldn't be out of place in today's tape scene. The difference here is the amount of FUN music interjected. Beats, video game soundtrack (esque) snippets burst through in between the amorphous blobs of slow moving sound. "Circumvention" begins with mangled loops of sitar and acoustic guitars (kinda like a Beck tune from way back when)...and did I mention "mangled?" The slices of sound playfully sound like your machine munching on your favorite jam. The second composition is the dirtier of the two here and maybe a bit more focused on "rock" music as its source. In the end: Both sides offer a lot for the listener who wants to be reminded of everything all at once.
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