Two New Tapes From I Just Live Here

I Just Live Here, the very well curated cassette label run by Ren Schofield (Container, nee God Willing) has just put out two fantastic missives from the underground.  The new tape by Philadelphia's Unguent is a beautiful, yet creepily claustrophobic synth set by this dude Lance Simmons who has wowed me with his pummeling solo drum set as Dick Neff.  I just posted about Moth Cock last week, but their name bears repeating as they're one of the most creative groups touring and recording right now.  They create super detailed aleatoric music with processed clarinet and trumpet.  While this may bring to mind the music of New York City's underrated Grasshopper, they're sound is less "skull wash acid bath" and more "festering brain parasite party."

Happy hunting: