MOONRISES "Frozen Altars" LP
(Captcha Records)

2013 is only halfway over and this LP came out back in March (I'm mad slowed down bro), but we definitely have a contender for most psychedelic album of the year.  Moonrises 2nd full length vinyl Frozen Altars is a refreshingly heady dose of Denudes guitar crud, Magmaesque prog-gasm keyboards and powerhouse freeform drumming that holds it all together.  No surprises hear when you learn that the band includes Mr. Plastic Crimewave (Steve Krakow) on guitar and drummer Ben Baker Billington of Tiger Hatchery (and the fantastic solo synth jam project Quicksails).  Libby Ramer provides the keyboard pyrotechnics and also the underlying harmonic structure over which the two boys beat on their respective instruments.  This racket would all be fine and dandy as is, but both Ramer and Krakow provide some really interesting vocals on top of it all. Seal the deal and order one here: