FRANK HURRICANE "Fall Iz The Best Season" (Anonymous Dog)

this tape has been out for a while but I figured I should post this anyway - ed.

Wow, I say this with no irony what-so-ever, this is a magical tape. Why do I use the word magical? Because Frank Hurricane has the ability to turn nothing into something similar to the techniques of a man who dabbles in the arts of illusion. Frank Hurricane is a post modern gem of a musician because this output is so gentle and humble, a rarity amongst struggling bohemians bending backwards to have their voices taken seriously. His songs are interesting because his decision making in song structure is fantastic and his influences are eclectic and from the far away places in the sonic universe, like banjo and hip hop. He does not rely on tons of effect pedals or sonic do-dads to make something that sounds contemporary, awesome and worthwhile.

Frank's voice swings in and between instrumentals. His lyrics cry out like a delta blues legend of way back when and a little off tune. That era's philosophy of low-fi recording is evident, making for the perfect intimate cassette experience.

But he can also rap and just tell good stories too! What if Jerry Garcia made a hip hop duo in 2012 with the guy from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone? It may sound like his hit "Real Talk", which is as heavy as Fall Iz the Best Season gets.

Then there are some simple drum and beat loops that are just meditative and complex in their own way while remaining repetitive and restrained. They're pleasant.

Frank Hurricane is also a great freak folk string player. The cassette's closing track "Autumn Love" is intimate, nostalgic, spare ... dare I say romantic? It's definitely moving.

The album goes through so many changes without ever feeling heavy handed or jarring. It's smooth as jamba juice. The closest comparison I can think of to an album would be Beck's ODELAY, but this album is more challenging and DIY. It was made with a simple grocery list of instruments: a yamaha keyboard, voice, banjo, guitars and cymbals.

I hold this in high prestige! to check it out.
Here's Frank's bandcamp:

-- Jack Turnbull