“Big Band” (Full Wave Rectifier Labs)

This album is a collaborative effort between Jesus Is Angry and The Females of Doubtful Reputation, although is does sound cool as one name. Jesus is Angry is a touring musician who specializes in analog recording techniques. The Females of Doubtful Reputation are a proto-industrial band made up of real industrial workers. This is the debut album for them.

I thoroughly enjoyed this release for many reasons including its use of non-instrumental sounds combined with instruments, its slow progression to a heavy feel, and its use of spoken word within the track. The tracks on the cassette are Side A: “The Institution”, “My Big Black Beard”, and “Electrical Safety Test” Side B: “Robots”, “What the ..?” and “Baghdad to Beograd”. There is a clear blues influence on “My Big Black Beard” which worked well with the experimental aspects of the other songs. Most of the songs have a slow heavy atmosphere to them, which is usually carried by the drums. This allows the other instruments to experiment more, and keep structure in the composition. An aspect that stands out on the entire album are the electronic experimentations on almost the entire release. This adds a compelling dimension that sets it aside from other bands with a similar heavy sound. The vocal spoken word adds a lot to the album as a whole because if it were only instrumental tracks, the listener might loose focus. The vocals add to the haunting feeling on “The Institution”, but the vocals have range as well, for example there is a humorous monologue complaining about the sound guy’s lack of care on one track. Over all this was a worthwhile listen that I would recommend.

Listen to “The Institution”:
Jesus Is Angry:
The Females of Doubtful Reputation:

-- Seymour Polatin