PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND "Oblivion Programme" (Galactic Zoo Disk)

I've always taken a liking to this kind of slow druggy psych rock.  Plastic Crimewave Sound sits somewhere in between the darkness and the light, though if you stare too long into either, you'll get sucked down, so it's all the same really. Up is down man! PCWS leader Steve Krakow is behind numerous projects in his hometown of Chicago: reissuing rare private press LPs on his Drag City sub-label, curating live events, writing/drawing the secret history of Chicago music as well as doing lots of free lance psychedelic art.  If you're not hip to this guys sphere of wicked awesome shit, then now is definitely the time to familiarize yourself.

Here is some sound for you to check out from the related Plastic Crimewave Syndicate. It's not the above tape (which is currently available from the website linked above), but it will give you a good idea of what you're in for.  The Oblivion Programme itself is rumored to be the last release from the group, and it features contributions from the legendary Michael Yonkers, but there is no telling what's what when you're dealing with infinity.