SETH SMITH “Lowlife OST” (Fundog Productions)

I can’t seem to find a way to watch this movie from my couch, but after listening to the score, I’m making it an imperative to get ahold of a copy. This tape is a score to a film which seems to depict a horrific trip, set off by a binge of psychedelic starfish. The tone of the films various trailers is overtly bleak, and the score is suitably bleak as well. A dark miasma of harp-like prepared guitars, mournful looped tubas and metallic clangs. A dim and mournful haze of unsettling sound that occasionally lashes out in urgent tribal drumming. It feels like being lost in the woods with no cell reception or waking up in a dank underground cave with only your bic for comfort. I don’t know how many times I’ll feel like accessing shiver inducing tones like these, but it’s a worthwhile and singular experience worth delving into.

- - Timothy Johnson