BLACK KASPAR "Schizo Tech"

A pulsing trainwreck of a free jam session by what sounds like a marching band made up of Scooby Doo monsters.

The bass and drums stand out a lot. I like how they can be on planet eleven X but then return to a four four drum beat with a bass rhythm that goes up in scale constantly similar to the Bane Batman movie soundtrack. I forget the name of it, the one with Bane.

The bass and drums are accompanied by what sounds like a theremin, an out of tune guitar played with a slide, a saxaphone (I think?) and ghost moans far and wide.

The use of fuzz on this album is incredible, simply because technology and tonal trends have changed since the hey day of psychedelic band fever, the 70ties ...

the Cassette is the musical equivalent to a jackson pollack. Experimental, self indulgent, most likely intoxicated, - but you can't argue it's not liberated and free.

-- Jack Turnbull