Two Tapes From Samling Recordings: Barhus / Future Shuttle

  The first (black) is from a TX duo, Future Shuttle. A lovely, sprawling album entitled Étude Study. From the first moments of side A's "Love On A Metal Shuttle," the intertwining flute and glockenspiel create a vast and entrancing vibe, with gentle brushes of percussion propelling the spaced out melodies.
  Lizzie Harper's (of Sleep Over fame) flute is hypnotic and commanding, and often resembles an icy analog synth, and there's an obvious and powerful chemistry between the three players.  

  Side B is a slightly more heady, cosmic cruise through time, but a cohesive and focused one indeed. Things come to a close with the lushness of "Twilight Cave," and then you flip it right over for another play. Excellent batch of tunes, and I hope to hear more from them. 

  The second tape (gold) is an attractive looking five song album from Barhus, called Vasteland. I really dug this one. Slow swells of guitars and soaring keys, compositional drones and lots of open space. Some of this reminded me of older Fennesz works, or maybe Celer, with it's sustained beauty and dramatic key changes.

  Nothing too eclectic or experimental going on here, just five well crafted and thoughtful instrumental movements. Sunrise listening. Recommended!
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