split tape (Extended Release Plastics)

This is a split tape between pat from LSDV (Solid State Entity) and mark from Bang!Bros and Hunnie Bunnies (Truck Stanley's Night Dreams).

This release is a loose but focused sonic face-melting noise/rave masterpiece. It sounds like late night access television becoming possessed by yoga ghosts - psychedelic techno with an endless sample and tone palette to weird out even the loosest of peaceniks.

While accomplishing this it never feels too heavy handed or pretentious. This "mix" could easily double in with a 50 cent track. Think Aaron Dilloway doing his Mouse on Mars tribute. The ominous organ groans still sit next to an echoed snare drum beat leaving the smallest hint of rhythm even threw the muckiest of eerie nightmare drones. To put it another way, it's never not confident and it always stays accessible in execution and clarity if not in content.

The music is unpredictable, its tempo can slowly meander at times but its Aphex Twin speed at others. Sometimes the ideas transform at the speed of rotting bananas and other times spit out like a vomiting machine gun. Circuit bending, tape loops all messed up, maybe max/msp?, effects, all sorts of crazy stuff, is somewhere in all this, and the musician isn't afraid to be pleasant, spooky, experimental or dance. He's always vibrant.

Reverberated vocals make me think of Arthur Russell for a second, but they are fleeting and minimal. Lyrics over such a loose compositional noise structure is difficult, but the fact that some edited vocals exist on this tape at all shows how much is happening.

There isn't much information on this cassette as I said earlier. Just an e-mail ( and a reference to a record label.

-- Jack Turnbull