HIGGINS - "Stereo" 2xcs (Words+Dreams)

 Mesmerizing new album from the fairly new Zs member Patrick Higgins, and his debut solo outing for Words + Dreams. Stereo is a sporadic three part affair for electric guitar and laptop. Stretched out over two tapes to be played simultaneously on separate players, this album really can't be experienced the same way twice. Try it.

  Side A is an aural attack straight from the get go. Higgins doesn't seem to drench his tools in many effects, and there is little to no software trickery whatsoever. "Stereo" starts off with a bit of tame noodling, staggering somewhere between hypnotic psych and free jazz modes. Before long, you are being tapped on both shoulders by the intertwining and sometimes disorienting chords, harsh and heady jabs, and he's just getting started.

  Side B is where things get real interesting, Higgins' unique style really comes to life on Pointillist, and a bigger picture starts to unravel. Clusters of harmonics bounce from side to side and the short bursts of notes become more sustained and haunting. A few harsh drones make their way into the mix on Estancia before things drop out into silence. Pure ear candy. Recommended.

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