"Adapta y Sobrepone" C17

San José, Costa Rica’s Caídas Libres blurs the lines between ‘90s indie, punk, & shoegaze. Think muted/minimal Husker Du meets Swingin’Utters, with a touch more dissonance & creativity. Most notable are the bell-like swells taking the place of guitar lines early on in track 3 as the drums and bass play a slower, groovier number, just below. The heavily reverbed vocals taking a backseat to the guitar is also pretty interesting, too. Per bandcamp, this is Caídas Libres’ debut EP (and far too damn short a one) so keep an eye out for a full length, hopefully!

6-panel J-card comes with lyrics (which you’ll need cz the vocals are BURIED in the mix something FIERCE!) and good looking graphics.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan