CDX "Smiles" C20 (Suite 309)

Sounding like maybe the perfect union between my two all time favorite tape labels  (Orange Milk Records and Constellation Tatsu), CDX is the most accessible alter ego of Tim Thornton (Tiger Village, Suite 309) and this all-too-short “Smiles” EP smacks of all his signature moves, including but not limited to:
-classically arranged bloop-tee-toodinals
-spastic vintage drum machine sputterings
-soaring and/or fuzzy modular synth lines
-sunburnt-at-the-beach drone swells
-vaporwavygravy sample bastardizations & good vibes

…all within a more easily mappable structure and, dare I say it, consistent rhythm. Well, for the most part. This cat is forever aaaabstract, and even his more conventional projects are destined to push the boundaries between pop and the classical/avant-garde. As an added bonus, this li’l morsel manages some electronic ululations that would fit in nicely with many an experimental rapper out there. Somebody hire this chap!

Did I mention that this tape is waaaay too short? Across twenty minutes & split up into only four tracks, not one minute gets old, even after listening on loop for over an hour straight. Pretty damn brilliant! Keep ‘em coming!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan