"Love Do Your Worst To Me"
(self released)

Us Presidents are a band from Denton Texas. Denton Texas is a very notable place, not as popular as Nashville, or seattle, or LA. However many great acts have come out of Denton; Roy Orbison, The Marked Men, Neon Indian, and The Riverboat Gamblers just to name a few. So, I had very high expectations before I even removed the shrink wrap from this album.

Clean guitars, drawn out vocals lines and a synth are the key sonic elements defining this album.
Rhyming ideas [i-de-ers] with fears in Moon Ship made me laugh out loud, 
and not in the 'your joke sucked but I want to validate you' kind of way, more like the I snorted while I snickered kind of way. I really enjoyed "Things You Do", it's a bass line driven pop song, with a nice catchy riff, the kind of song you can hum along to. Another catchy track is Master Magician, the vocals have kind of a King Gizzard feel, its real short though, and rewinding sucks (it also is a big factor in reducing the life of your cassette), so check out the bandcamp link at the end of this post.

Four panel color J-card with light blue colored cassette, pad printed and shrinkwrapped.

-- Chuck Wolfe