"Marjoram" C25

A Michigander and Tokyo-gander met via Soundcloud, decided to collaborate, and made electronic pop songs that would fit on popular radio stations worldwide. Their bandcamp page includes a “librarycore” tag, which was a first for me. So, here’s the thing: instead of my telling you about my opinion* of their music (aka “doing my job”), I am electing to, instead, strongly urge you to forego the bandcamp link/listening aspect of this project and rather just open up your heart and mind to these folx as individual, incredibly brilliant, creative human beings who have a rad cartoon project on their hands. Their dream needs more exposure, and it’s one I can really get behind, so please thoroughly explore the second and third links provided below and ask yourself if you don’t want to see this awesomeness bear fruit!

*not favorable in the least, honestly. Yes, I’m a heartless bastard sometimes.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan