HOWARD STELZER & FRANS DE WAARD “The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings into Their Smallest Actions” C34 (Park 70)

“Component sounds extracted from all previous HS/FDW collaborations, 1996 to present.” So we know what the source material was. It’s kind of remarkable to be able to take what you’ve done and recombine it into new work. Remix it, as it were. I doubt this really counts as the remix treatment. Just sound sources, recombined.

The tiniest pieces of Stelzer and De Waard’s work, their “Smallest Actions,” here are reimagined into even more rebellious permutations. Buck the status quo, forge new weapons against mediocrity. The hiss and grind of industry, the menace of economy. Reactions stirred till they’re broken down into static. Ambitious noise that radiates outward.

Howard Stelzer

Frans De Waard

Park 70