TUCKER THEODORE "LSG" C52 (Antiquated Future)

Tucker Theodore gives zero fucks about your expectations; unless, of course, you only expect that he’ll turn ordinary pop/country/folk tropes on their twangy ears, leaving you asking, “Now, how exactly did he get That sound out of a Guitar?” I had the privilege/curse of getting to review “To Make the Sun Hurt” a few years back and only recently have I been able to listen to anyone else’s freak-folk albums with any interest. Which is to say, TT’s creativity in meta-composition is exemplary, and his spirit of sonic exploration is truly inspiring.

Take LSG, here, a bewilderingly sprawling sound collage of moody, meandering, psychedelic alt-country solos (both forward and backward!), ominous organ drones, and brief, visiting vignettes of punkish power chords and drums, each dropping by for a quick-but-powerful bull session, like halcyon thoughts of old friends. As the title hints at (a capital G is pretty much just a slightly cracked D, turned 180 degrees, right?), Tucker Theodore is setting us all up for a breaking down of consciousness-barriers, not so much a yoga-ball-meditation as a full on wrecking-ball-vision-quest in re-realizing the guitar’s potential for turning melody into rhythm into texture, & then right back again.

Great for daydreaming, art-making, or playing along with on your own lute!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan