REIGHNBEAU “Slight EP" C20 (Antiquated Future)

Not content to merely have their work fit in with other visionary seminal works by Grimes, Sylvan Esso, & Múm, Reighnbeau’s “Slight EP” shows the band kicking their composition & mixing skills up a few notches, toeing the line between entrancing and mania-inducing.

&whilst each azz-shaking track (save the last) keeps solidly infectious, a closer listen reveals brilliant shifts in rhythmic accents & negative space that might otherwise slip by the ear whilst that booty oscillates oso wildly.

This electro-pop masterpiece is a perfect mood-lifter, work out jam, or going-out soundtrack. Pump it up!


Antiquated Future continues to be an undeniable source of inspiration and proof that pop\accessible music not only doesn’t have to be boring, it can playfully challenge what it means to be <s>catchy</s> intoxicating.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan