YMDSIH “Opened Hate” C81 (Already Dead Tapes)

This IS what it sounds like, you know, when you crack the seal on a portal to the netherworld where all is destruction and backward inside-outness and infinite oblivion. Heck, there’s even a track here called “Hell’s Porch,” where you can while away the day in miniscule torment. So when you hear that YMDSIH actually and factually “Opened Hate,” you can believe it with all the faith you can muster.

YMDSIH is a “superduo” of sorts, as it features Cop Funeral’s (and Already Dead’s) Joshua Tabbia and Dead Man’s Lifestyle’s Jake Watkins. I’ve spent enough time with their respective output to totally expect this kind of hellacious (but surprisingly delicate) racket. As in, the racket is sinister and blank and filled with space and static – it’s not cranked into the red for maximum ear bleedage (although you could probably burst an eardrum or two if you really wanted). There’s nuance in the void, a sort of massaging darkness that infiltrates your brain and gradually ratchets up the massaging till you can really FEEL it, and then maybe it starts to become a little more uncomfortable than you’d like.

Them’s the breaks, though; it’s just what happens with YMDSIH.

“Opened Hate” is a “hate letter” to modern life, a reminder that everything you see seethes from within with disdain and disquiet, which bubbles periodically to the surface. YMDSIH wallows in that malevolence, draws power from it, and scribbles it through speakers. If you enclose your head within it somehow, you will go crazy. So … be careful out there.


Already Dead