HUNTED CREATURES “Sleep Weed” C44 (White Reeves Productions)

They’re just wayward kids, tryna have a good time. But no. Serial killers are allergic to the sex and the fun and the teenagers in general and, when watching said fun at a distance through the slots of an old wooden fence or maybe from behind a gloriously unwashed third floor window, said maladjusted adults must feel a twinge of envy that said teenagers should carry on as such.

In so many slasher films, there is portrayed a stock F-U-N being had, but with the audience knowing full well that said F-U-N will be coming to an end. There is a light and airy playfulness specifically crafted by the director to just baaaaarely mask this atmospheric unease.

Enter Hunted Creatures’ album "Sleep Weed”, a Basinskian meditation into the (relatively) brighter bridges that link startled-awake consciousness and eerie anticipation. Three synthster-explorers (two of which who run WRP) each contribute decaying cycles, crumpled ghost-melodies, & warbled static, & wave after wave after wave of hypnotic agitations. The mood achieved camps just outside of creeptown, whilst still getting the hair follicles at the ready for an uprising. As usual, White Reeves Productions delivers!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan