PSYBO “Wherewithall”

Transplanted Canadian who was a former founding member of Toolshed somehow manages to connive his two ex-cohorts into helping with this solo album-which laid unreleased for some time after completion. Enter Hand Solo Records and next thing you know the nealy forgotten album drops.

Psybo is a competant if not noticably unique rapper. His material is strong nad the production complements the performance rather than overwhelm it. As it turns out, the contributions from his  two former ppartners are immense and without which I can’t imagine this tape beng as good as it is.

The strength here is the material itself. Strong rhymes and clever word tuerns make for an attentive listen.  This album, more than anything else, makes me want to hear what Psybo will come up with next.

It should be noted that the label, Hand Solo Records has a good number of rappers with releases available through their Bandcamp site.

-- Robert Richmond