LULL “The Birth, Life, And Death Of A Perfectly Ordinary Person” C30 (Howling Frequency)

Okay I think I have been doing this wrong. Over thinking or not thinking at all and letting the flurry of ideas just pour out unchecked like scantrans rubbed with chapstick. Not a lot of people know that trick. Though it didn’t ever work really so maybe it wasn’t a trick and we were all just tricked. Hmmm… Okay I am going to brief during the lull. That is our band up on review right now. Only took us a year but we are making progress. Life was on pause but the tapes never stop and I promise I will spit didactics to each one I get based on the effort put in by the sender. Oi. So lull who spells there name with all lowercase letters always I read somewhere are going to be pissed to find out we have our own yarbles & etiquette rules here and we are your antithesis. Neat word huh!? So the artwork is neat though I didn’t realize it was a bridge for a good ten minutes. You have to rotate it 90 degrees first. I’m horizontally inclined or whatever. But as I open this which is pro shrinkwrapped I can’t tell if it is homemade with style or a short run from a small dubber. Who cares really… oh yeah YOU do!

Nice fancy cardstock material and very clean print job. Inside has credits and a photo by Anna M. I guess. Lull is tommy and brandon it says. Oh sweet I know them. A few times over actually. Popular names for kind hearted boys in my world. Kinky! The album itself has my kind of title as well. It is called in all lower case again… “the birth, life and death of a perfectly ordinary person”. That is some deep stuff there and I am not being sarcastic. I am being sardonic and so are they I am pretty sure. It’s clever as it is purposely underwhelming or maybe it makes you think about your poor neighbor lady who is all alone and old and feeble and not with many if anybody at all to keep her company besides her 12 cats that will likely eat her face off after she goes but before she is found by one of the curious neighbors eventually after the mail and newspapers have piled up for a week or so. Yeah I really need to go next door more often like a good eagle scout would have in his younger arrow of light days. I am a disgrace… and her house smells like mouldy national geographics from a century ago and a mist of cat piss can be tasted the second you step foot into the house. Pretty tape though. It has a clear shell with a blue metallic liner inside and they cleanly printed out labels too that are stuck on their clean and not rolling up on you anytime soon if ever. Nice. Excellent tangible. They may be sold out by now but F it i’ll help drive up the discogs price then for them eventually. Hopefully up anyways. I do have enemies in high places. Like God and those guys that write stuff in the sky with planes for hot cash. Also tree monkeys and all species of birds. I will spare you all those stories though as my tummy hurts right now. Wah!

Okay okay... Upon insertion and tape rolling in comes the lull. Fun name to say. Immediately I think math rock. Do people even call it math rock anymore? Did they ever really? Thinking yeah this is definitely post-rock then but then the vocals kick in… doh! But they are good so don’t worry math club nerds. I’m just kidding math is cool sometimes. So I will go look and see what they think they are genre wise on their bandcamp. Yikes. Lull’s bandcamp page has shoegaze which is appropriate but it also says... screamo! Which i refuse to acknowledge is a real thing. I disagree with that tag applied here. This is better. This is much better actually than that dross that lives under such a sub mutant ninny of a genre name. I hate screamo. It is the devil. Or something not as cool entirely. Hate me emoticon children I thrive off it actually. From the name to the well mostly the name is just horrendous for a genre or anything. Only Nu Metal is worst but they are close to the same in my mind. Luckily I don’t know shit from shinola really so uncrunk those panties you just twisted and reapply any mascara they may have run while I do the same honestly but for different reasons (i am watching my soaps… my mom got me hooked at a young age shut up)

By the time I reach the second song which I will not name as it has an absurdly long Godspeed Y.B.E. type name they even show a hint or two of Neurosis to me. Think Souls At Zero played by two indie kids though. Maybe that is a stretch though. The other songs have none of that but are still cool. From haunting to surf pop back into their loose but heavy still post-hardcore start stop rhythm. This could be loose aleatoric compositions maybe and these guys are just in cahoots with each other. Those are always the best partnerships and would explain the two man rule enforced herein. But this is all mere speculation and I am going to actually shut up and hope you go hear it for yourself friends. As these guys are neat and if you stare at your chucks or vans or ugly hobbit toes since it’s summertime for fun all day long then you’ll welcome this addition to the gazzer cult you and your friends have. Just don’t call it screamo my god. Please don’t.

Cheers and Oi. Sorry I took so long lull guys. I am a cunctator and I pooped the bed on this one so sue me if you mad but I do hope you are glad. Also I have nothing but debts for property and possessions… so good luck with that!. Check this one off the list now. So I just want to say that I love you Tommy and Brandon and keep on rocking those algebraic theorems or whatever you call them my dudes. Yeah we know we suck… but we are still better than that blog at least.
Yeah I said it.
Somebody call Larry H. Parker!

(DISCLAIMER: I speak only for myself. ‘We’ is the royal ‘we’ like the dude says... FYI)

‘TBLADOAPOP’ found on:

Howling Frequencies
as well as:
lull’s own personal bandcamp

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