"Freight Noise" C11

A mile away, as-the-crow-flies, runs the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Amtrack, and maybe some other trains. Riding to work, I am occasionally stalled, waiting for these ginormous steel caterpillars to pass by. The sounds their frictitious, heavy stories clang out are always mesmerizing, and I never really wished I wasn't “held up”. 

Listen to “Freight Noise”, on your own time, and also fall in love, with what it means to “plod along” and “deliver".

To sweeten the pot of danger-free novelty, A.VOID provides an earnest account (mini-zine)  of what it meant for them (and a friend) to hop trains for two weeks, through the south, in the rain.

Tape release includes a gorgeously earnest manifesto/zine. This is pretty much why an ephemeral tape culture exists, right?


-- Jacob An Kittenplan