"Dead King's Dream" C30
(Brave Mysteries)

“Wager your cloak, human, or I’ll cut off your ear… and turn it into a boot.” ((GASP!!!))

::sounds of twenty-sided dice a-scuttling across a wooden tabletop:::

Stilted medieval dungeon-synth arrangements plod along above heavily processed, vapor-wavey-gravy gurglings, shuttering accents, scramblings, and muddy-blurred baroque storylines; each bobbing and weaving "epically", like… like a familiar shadow-demon’s graceful cooperation in fighting off incoming shadow-dragons down below you.

Melodramatic plots “twists”* abound in meta-corkscrew, tongue-in-cheek fashion, all narrated (and curated) in ghostly stoic-cadences, via Troy Schafer**, one seriously innovative*** sound weirdo!***

My partner hates this brilliant tape because she has to study and/or wind down a lot… but I cannot get enough of this shit! Maybe they’ll do a split with Chaucerian Myth or something?!?! In my chainmail’d daydreams!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan

* Perhaps we hear an ashen Artax triumphantly rising from the Swamp of Sadness after all?
**Man, a buddy and I were juuuust drooling over his release on Black Horizons last week!
***See TS's back catalogue for their slew of documented quests in sound exploration.
****As in, if Rae Armantrout converted her daydream-tangents to swirling contrapuntal arpeggiated coil-swirls, Pod Cast would be the soundtra(tta)ck!