“Tape 1” C30

With this debut release of “Tape 1”, Toronto’s Qarafa immediately catapult themselves into the ranks of heavyweights like Bohren & Der Club of Gore with the ability to champion Saxophones and Synthesizers as Serious tools for bringing stoney grooves-as-ambiance-as-grooves to the atmospheric table. &while their guitar-work may feel busier and more angular (relatively) at times, the exact same inescapable gravity is achieved; no one makes it out of this glacially hardening amber alive. 

To put it simply, Every single time I put this tape on, I am half-surprised it does not rain.

Also worth noting is the fact that an experimental black metal band shares some DNA with Qarafa, & you really ought to check that out, too, via the link below!


— Jacob An Kittenplan