“Гробник” C58
(Amek Collective)

Bulgaria’s AMEK COLLECTIVE have released one hell of a sprawling beast in this collaboration between Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip) and Stefan Bachvarov (Cyberian)! Гробник highlights a stifling barrage of dark-ambient, pea-soup fogs with vaporwave-accented industrial strobe flickerings and notes of 90s style, synth-led blackmetal pyrotechnics-beyond-the-gates, these three disciplines each spinning about in endlessly haunted yarns that tangle, strangle, & soak up all the blood and grime one could possibly daymare about, betwixt the headphones. 

The dynamic mixing here cannot be celebrated enough, too, lending equal punch to the likes of distant fireworks, neighboring tea-kettles, foot-crunchy deciduous trails, and rusty train brakes. A psychological thriller-gone-dance-party for the pleasantly uneasy, Vague Voices delivers!


— Jacob An Kittenplan