“Open Color” C35
(Histamine Tapes)

Blanket Swimming (aka MS’s Nicholas Maloney) is an incredibly dynamic sound artist who employs all your favorite SOTL chops (tonal swells, feedback, low-flying field recordings) and ups the ante by further peppering his compositions with either ominous loops or distant/subtle toasty-souls-of-the-damned wails (tasteful and restrainedly, mind you) for maximum sense-heightening. 

“Open Color” feels suspiciously like an expertly-DJ’d "Best of” compilation, as it touches on all of what makes the Ambient-Drone sub-genre (and Histamine Tapes, out of VT, for that matter!) such an engaging, useful resource for both relaxation and focus, depending on your aim and time of day.

Listen to the mesmerizing mix via good headphones for best balanced results!


— Jacob An Kittenplan