“Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator” C49
(Antiquated Future)

Olympian songstress, Guidon Bear, springs forth from the cap of Mount Rainier a fully formed, psych-pop-punkish, 90s indie-diva, wielding the drive of Liz Phair (circa “Exile…”), the vocal flexibility of Tanya Donelly (Belly’s “King”), and the sputtering ninja-diction of Alison Mosshart ("Crash Diagnostic”) all seamlessly melded into one super-being, to spin spell-binding yarns about comfort zones, nomadism, goats, and vocational unrest. 

There is not one single wasted minute in this entire synth-accented, outsider-indie concept album, and the pot is sweetened all the more if you read the accompanying comic/lyric sheet provided in the link below. If you love PNW indie rock, this is going to melt your mind; if you don’t love PNW indie-rock, this’ll still melt your mind. Antiquated Future don’t release no junk!


—Jacob An Kittenplan