“Evolución Reinterpretade”
(Erizados Tapes)

This is one of the earlier releases from this intriguing fledging label (Erizados) located in Barcelona, Spain. This is danceclub electronica with minimal layering and condiments. The effect that has is to make you focus on the beat with the bits and pieces coming in and out simply adding a thin layer of icing to this well-executed though all-too-short tape.

While there is no indication of such, this is e.p. length with three tracks on the “Triangle Side:” and two on the “Other Side.” The cuts are distinguishable from one another but with craftsmen-like precision, they segue into one another in a manner that hardly warrants your attention to the pending change. A nice touch indeed! The music is consistent though not predictable until the middle of the second side where a white noise barrage fills your headphones (or speakers) taking you by surprise then returning you to the status quo.

The tape is playdoh yellow and is superbly packaged in a nicely done j-card which was “reinterpreted from original Guillermo Moreno Mirallas work by Javier Rey” from the label. A download card is included for those so inclined.

When all is said and done, this is a very good, current example of European electronica packaged equally as thoughtfully. Only 75 copies produced.  Don’t wait on this one! B+


-- Robert Richmond