“Scapes and Devotions” C45
(Histamine Tapes)

On “Scapes and Devotions", Christopher Flores gently wafts three distinctly autonomous layers of moon-cold drone and noise that each feed off one another without ever falling in sync, the meticulous panning of these proving a composition in its own right. The two most easily agitated eddies pace and spiral each other from on high whilst the third trembles a seismic constant from below, only admitting disturbance as mountains do the wind. &Only intermittently does any liquid percussive tone pay visit here; &when it does, such subtlety comes off like hail. 

“Scapes and Devotions” could feel like high desert or tundra’s windscapes were it not so geometrically rigid in perpetual movement. 

Good headphones a MUST, here!


— Jacob An Kittenplan