BRAEYDEN JAE “culture complicit” (HEL Audio)

One late evening in SLC, Utah, November 2014, Braeyden Jae recorded(in Braeyden’s words) a pair of ”raw, reactionary improvisations performed on bass guitar.“

Each of the pieces, (culture, and complicit) clock in at 14:36. Minimal in nature, these are dives into the low-end of the community pool. There is dread, there is foreboding, listen close, and you will hear the ancient mariner’s tale of doing donuts in the buoyant Great Salt Lake. The salinized strings expand beyond the definition of a rhythm instrument. A lone captain gazing down at a pair of olive Wellies, grounds down on the planks of a wayward schooner, landlocked and droughty. This vessel is drawn to distant shores, and is bound to skip like a stone into the great western puddle.

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--Adam Padavano