“Tractable Colors" C40

Commanding synthesizer and saxophone alone, Indianapolis’s Solid Squares takes Drone, New Age, and Noise to dizzying heights with their newest release, “Tractable Colors". At times, the air is thick with smooth, slow & smoky subway sax solos that soar overtop obscured modular synth cycles & drones, while, at others, ghostly, keyed chords & indiscernibly coaxed textures compete for attention while that brass blends back into the background amidst couched, tinny swells, trapped overtones, & skittering motor toil. 

Across explorative jam and meditative riff, and with such great care & cultivation of timbral interplay between organic and electronic source material, this is a deep-listener’s treasure trove & well, well worth repeated listens until the tape wears thin!

—Jacob An Kittenplan