ILLUSTRATEUR “Tonalism” C30 (self-released)

Asheville. North Carolina. Illustrateur makes with the drone; Illustrateur makes with the ambient noise. Originally released for “Noize Fest 2019/Burger Records Revolution 7” (ew), the tape itself is long sold out, so don’t hurt yourself trying to find a copy. Maybe Discogs has your back. Or maybe Discogs has turned its back on you. You never know with Discogs.

Tonalism presents long-form dronalism, with snippets of sound of course. A piano appears through the crispy static; the sources warp in and out. A track like “Dirge” subverts convention and hits you with a bombast of sonic gravel. A track like “As the boulder breaks into feathers/The Glass Princess weeps” sounds exactly like a boulder shattering, becoming feathers, and a weeping Glass Princess. Well, in a sort of representative way, anyway.