PABLO PICCO “The Bombastic and Repetitive Sound of Tashi Ling Buddhas in Pokhara, Nepal” C40 (More Mars)

Pablo Picco, of Argentinian outfit Bardo Todol, traveled to Nepal and did some field recording there. He recorded chants and other indigenous performances and here presents them as an ethnological exhibit, much like Alan Lomax did with folk music back in the early twentieth century. Side A is reserved for voices, as chants and throat singing featured in a Buddhist ceremony make for a mesmerizing experience before fading into a different ceremony, one with a bit more percussion. Side B includes recordings from a “river, caves, and a wedding band,” and showcases the fascinating trademarks of a full-fledged musical experience from a culture that I’m not terribly familiar with. (Maybe I should change that.) The droning chants once again return by the end of side B.

And this is just a taste – Picco and companion María Victoria Arener filmed their experience traveling through Buddhist sites and released it as a film called Kalinga Uktal. I think it’s time to dig a little deeper.