HUMAN ADULT BAND “Beyond the Time Barrier Travelers” (Already Dead)

Like a canker sore infesting the lip of society, Human Adult Band spread their unclean noisy destruction to the masses, causing society to poke its tongue around its lip to find the source of its pain and then push it around a little bit. Maybe it’ll burst, sending a plume of painful pus into the vacant space around it. Maybe it’ll resist and shoot sharp jolts into the lip nerves. Whatever the case, Human Adult Band is bound to cause some amount of discomfort to those in their general vicinity at any given time.


Imagine unearthing some live recordings from fifteen years ago and deeming them releasable. Imagine then unearthing some recordings from last year and also deeming them releasable. That’s the MO this time around from Human Adult band, who jam pack Beyond the Time Barrier Travelers (and who isn’t super jealous of that designation?!) with a heaving sea of discontent, and upon that sea is a lurching vessel leaking from its every seam, intent on going down and embracing its own destruction. That the sea is time itself and the vessel is Human Adult Band should be obvious. That the destruction is immediate, bracing, and electrifying should also be right in the wheelhouse of any noise rock fan interested in pummeling themselves to unconsciousness.


But let’s get back to the pus and the sores, shall we? Human Adult Band subscribe to the more skin-shredding variety of intense buzz, their guitars and bass shrieking maelstroms of metallic debris bound for your vicinity. They continue unrelentingly in this fashion until every part of you is raw and exposed, ever nerve frayed, every pore leaking blood. Go ahead, try to heal after a Human Adult Band show – you’ll just be subjected to it again next time, and the onslaught will begin anew. But it’s the kind of onslaught that you want to happen to you, because it’s, like, a rush or something.